Friday, 19 October 2018

Actividades con POR y PARA

Remember that  " Por" y "Para"  do not just mean "for". They can be translated in different ways depending on the sentence. For example: In exchange of, in order to , in , instead of......

Here we have an activity to practise POR y PARA:

Actividad  1. Completa las frases con POR o PARA. ( Tienes las respuestas al final)

Ejemplo:  Normalmente yo trabajo POR la mañana.

1) ............ tener buena salud, es recomendable hacer mucho ejercicio y comer sano.

2) Ayer mi hermana compró un regalo marido.

3) Tengo que cambiar mi camiseta ......... una más grande.

4) Voy a reservar una habitación en un hotel en Mallorca .........2 semanas.

5) Tengo que terminar el informe ............. mi jefe ...........el próximo martes.

6) ........llegar a mi casa tengo que ir ............un túnel.

7) Me encanta pasear playa en el fin de semana.

8) Solo el 5 ...........ciento de la gente habla un idioma extranjero.

9) Hice todo el esfuerzo ..........mi familia

10)...........mí, un zumo de naranja y una tortilla por favor.

Respuestas: 1) Para  2)  para  3) por  4) para  5) para  6) Para, por    7) por  8) por  9) por 10) Para 

Muchas gracias por leer y compartir .

Thursday, 4 October 2018

When to use POR and PARA /Cuando usar POR y PARA . Part II

When to use POR and PARA is probably one of the most difficult things to learn in Spanish.  Although there are some rules that may help you choose the right option I would say that the best way to learn is through experience. With this I mean that you will be able to know which one to use based on what you have read, listened, spoken and written in Spanish. 
So here you have a nice tip for learning languages: Try to immerse yourself into the Spanish language! 
Things you can do even if you do not live in any Spanish speaking country are:

Watching films and series in Spanish.
Listening  to Latin music. 
Lots of reading ( Newspapers, magazines.....)
Write things in Spanish about anything that comes to your mind, this is a simple and a very effective way to put everything together.

Going back to POR and PARA, here you have some helpful rules:


  • Can mean "for" with time. For example:
Quiero una habitación para dos noches.  - I would like a room for two nights
El informe es para mañana - The report is for tomorrow. 

  • Can mean "for" with a destination, person or purpose. For example:
¿Para qué usas el coche? -What do you use the car for?
Para mí un café solo, por favor:  A black coffee for me please

  • Can mean "in order to" with an infinitive verb. For example:
Yo trabajo para ganar dinero   - I work  to make money
Lo hago para ayudarte- I do it to help you

  • Also "PARA" can mean " in my opinion":
Para mí, Inglaterra es muy bonita -  In my opinion, England is very beautiful


  • Can mean " for " when it can be translated as for the benefit of or because of. Por ejemplo:
Lo hago por mis amigos  - I do it for my friends.

  • Can mean "by" in passive sentences. Por ejemplo:
Fué encontrado por unos ciclistas - It was found by some cyclists
Es muy querido por sus amigos- He is very loved by his friends

  • Can mean " for" when translated as in exchange for:
He cambiado mi coche viejo por uno nuevo - I changed my old car for a new one

  • Also " Por" can mean along, through and around  Por ejemplo:
Me gusta correr por el parque - I like running around the park

  • Por is used to talk about time. Por ejemplo:
Por la tarde  - In the afternoon
Por la noche  - At night

  • Also "POR" is used in many other cases like: to talk about rates or how something is done. For example:
¿Por qué?  - Why
Yo normalmente hablo mucho por telefono  - I normally talk a lot on the phone.

In general the previous rules explain when to use POR and PARA, however there will be cases in which you will still struggle to know which one is the correct option but no worries as so do some Spanish speakers.

In the next post I will share some activities for you to practise POR and PARA. 

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